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Ready, Set, Goals

jon problogger with laptop
Now that I’ve gone [semi] pro,
I can finally show off my collector’s
edition ProBlogger t-shirt

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about goals, but mostly they have to do with my business in general or how to grow my net worth. Inspired by ProBlogger’s Blog Goals – Group Writing Project I’ve decided to jot down some blog goals.

Get Regular

Goal 1 is to post everyday, but not to feel like I have to, ‘cuz that would spoil the fun.

Just Say No to Crack-Sense

Resist the urge to put AdSense on my site. I already earn about 97% of my income from my AdSense niche sites, so it makes solid business sense to diversify my revenue sources. Also AdSense can be too easy, it will be fun to find more creative ways to make money from a site, and I’ll probably learn more too.

Get Listed

One of those alternate ways of earning money is through email list building. A newsletter or mailing list allows a more intimate and challenging way of communicating with your readers. It is a great way to get feedback, after all if you send out a crappy one, you’ll see all your members hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button.
Perry Marshall says that the most valuable piece of real estate in America is a person’s email inbox. I’d like to find out if he’s right!

Get off My High Horse

Sometimes when I re-read my blog writing I find that I sound like a know-it-all and I’d like to change that. I don’t think that a high horse writing style is good for a blog…I end up sounding like Mark Cuban without the billions in the bank, and if there’s anything that makes Mark Cuban’s blog work, it’s the billions in the bank!
So learning to write in a more inquisitive and conversational tone is definitely a goal of mine.

Get Synergized

Strive to integrate this site into the entire business strategy. Right now I only really write on this site because it’s fun, but I haven’t taken the time to consider why, from a business point of view, that I’m doing it. What is my goal with it, in terms of my overall business goals? Can it proved $xxx dollars a day? Am I trying to establish myself as an expert in something and then use that fame to leverage into other ventures? Those kind of questions need to be asked if I’m going to get the most out of blogging.

Get Numbered Up

PR7 + 1000 RSS subscribers + 500 newsletter subscribers + 1000 pages a day = $1500 a month from this site.

That’s it. My somewhat rambling and semi-abstract goals for phase one of my career as a pro blogger. I may or may not directly provide updates on the goals but I will refer back to get myself on target. My purpose in putting them down here was not to provide a way to measure my progress, but more to provide a map on the journey.

This site is more about exploration to me than profit and hitting targets. That said, I believe any venture will, even one not directly motivated by profit, benefit from goals of one type or another. I just feels good to get an orientation of where I’m at and where I’d like to be in the future and to put it down on [virtual] paper.


5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Goals

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  2. Oops. “To me.” It sounds conversational to me. If it sounded conversational “for me” that would probably be too conversational. What would everyone else read then?

  3. Excellent goals Jon, and I know that if anyone can achieve them, it’s you. Your post inspired me to finally start my own wordpress site, which I consider a small miracle. Thanks for your help and inspiration.

  4. Setting specific goals are the best type of goals to set. I have a theory that you get whatever you want, as long as you are willing to pay the price. I guess the price for increasing readership is work, work and more work.

    I think tonight I will write down a goal and put in under my pillow, the more you manifest a goal the more likely it will come true.

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