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Keyword Elite 2.0 – More Tools = More Results

Keyword Elite Discount has expired.
There is a new version of Keyword Elite released any day. Check out the Keyword Elite home page, for details of the launch contest and special bonus offers.

[Aug. 16, 2009] I’ve just received my advance copy of Keyword Elite version 2.0 and it looks pretty sweet.

…if you’re in a hurry go to Keyword Elite’s new home page and grab the “Keyword Minute” report outlining 3 quick strategies to make more money in under 1 minute and see sneak preview videos of Keyword Elite 2.0 in action.

There are now 8 different project types. Brad Callen has obviously responded to programs like Market Samurai by pushing the boundaries of keyword research to include thinks like search engine competition scans, joint venture partner finder, CPA offer scanner, AdWords competition scanner, market research detective and an AdWords time machine.

Seems like Brad has really tried to update the tool to cover all the basics that most affiliate marketers would need to jump start their online business. I kind of swiss army knife for online marketing.

I know that the original version of Keyword Elite was a huge tool in my business (you can see my original review just below), in fact I doubt if I would have left the rat race (my day job)  without the understanding of keyword research that I derived from Keyword Elite.

Keyword Elite 2.0

Here’s a screenshot of the new version of Keyword Elite. In the next couple days I’ll be running some tests and post a video of what to expect with this version and all the new projects.

Keyword Elite version 2.0 Project Welcome Screen

Keyword Elite version 2.0 Project Welcome Screen

Make sure you head over to the Keyword Elite home page and grab Brad’s free report: The Keyword Minute – 3 Guaranteed Money Making Strategies to Implement in Under a Minute.

The keyword elite projects are now:

  1. Keyword Surge
  2. Market Research Sleuth
  3. AdWords time Machine
  4. Search Engine Dominator
  5. AdWords Competition Sniper
  6. Advanced Google Site Targeter
  7. JV Diamond Miner
  8. CPA Magnet

These sound pretty cool, I’m looking forward to getting under the hood and digging around to see what all these can do.

Keyword Elite 2.0 Price

Here’s what to expect as far as pricing goes for the new version of Keyword Elite:

  • Keyword Elite 2.0 for $197
  • optional forced continuity into Search Marketing Elite for $39/month
  • 1 upsell for $97 (not sure what it will be?)
  • 1 downsell for $47 (not sure what it will be?)
  • People get SEO Elite for FREE if they keep the optional forced continuity checked.

I’ll try and post a video in the next few days to show you what all these new features can deliver.

Keyword Elite Original Version 1.0 Review

Okay here goes. I’ve had Keyword Elite for over a month now and it’s time to share my thoughts.

First thing is, whether it’s Keyword Elite or some other similar program or service, if you do keyword research as part of your business, you should have a professional tool. Previous to purchasing Keyword Elite [KE - to save me typing it 25 more times] I used NicheBot or the free versions of Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery. But I have seen that having a pro tool is well worth the investment.

KE has five different projects or ways to gather data. I’ll give a brief rundown of them all, but basically as someone who creates niche sites, I really only use the first two. If you were into buying Adwords though, I’m sure the others would be very useful.

Keyword Elite Project #1 = Create A Keyword List

Keyword Elite project 1

Project one is the starting point for my keyword research using Keyword Elite. Here I enter the keyword phrase that I’m exploring and enter the number of results that I would like. The starting point is 100 and the slider goes up to 10,000 in case you really want to go deep into your niche.

Project one will also integrate with a Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery [KD Enterprise Edition Only] accounts, but I don’t really find that you’ll gain much by adding these paid services to what you’re already getting from Keyword Elite.

Project one returns awesome vast and somewhat rough keyword lists. The thing that I love the most about them is that it does what no other keyword tool that I’ve found can do: it searches for what you mean, not just literally just what you type into the box. For example if you enter ‘cars’, you don’t just get every permutation of the word cars, you also get autos, vehicles, Ford, GM, and transportation etc. For me this is a huge brain and time saver. I now don’t have to try and guess all the related terms to my primary phrase.

keyword list cleanerThe downside of this type of semantic guessing is that sometimes it is wrong. So you’ll end up with things like car loans, which is good but then from there you’ll get home loans as the program branches out to try and cover all the basis. No fear though because project one comes with a great keyword list cleaning tool that you can use to filter out words. So just tell it to remove all phrases that have the word ‘home’ in it and presto, no more home loan phrases. You can also filter out unwanted symbols and phrases over a certain length…so it’s easy to remove nonsense stuff like ‘cars auto loan loan car rental new york’ from your lists.

Keyword Elite Project #2 = Analyze Pay Per Click Listings

Keyword Elite Project 2

keyword elite project 2 resultsProject number 2 is the other KE project that I use a lot. Basically you take the Keyword list from project one and slam it into project 2 and KE will go through each phrase and return to you all the information you have checked for each term on the list. This one is very useful as you can tell which phrases are popular and how much a click for that phrase is worth and a rough guide of how much competition there is for the phrase. If you click the image to the right you’ll get an idea of what the result of project 2 is.
Keyword Elite Project #3

Project 3 is for choosing one of the many pre-built keyword lists that come with Keyword Elite. There are a lot of them, but personally I haven’t used it, so I’m not including it in this review.
Keyword Elite Project #4

Keyword Elite Project 4

Project number 4 is another one that I haven’t used. It is basically a rudimentary way of checking out the effectiveness of your competition for a given keyword. It gives you their Page Rank, and how well the pages are optimized for the phrase. Again, not something I really use, but good for a very quick analysis of your competitors.
Keyword Elite Project #5

Project #5 is about spying on your competition’s Adwords campaigns. I’m sure if you are doing Adwords this would be a very cool tool, but currently I’m only building niche sites so I haven’t had a chance to use it and unfortunately I don’t have time to figure it out so you’re on your own on this one too.


There is an excellent keyword cleaning utility built in but it is difficult to import a non KE list into because it is only available after you have run a KE Project #2. So I find myself running the shortest possible #2 and then deleting the results and importing my other keyword list in and cleaning it…a little more clunky process than I’d like, but the cleaning tool is excellent.
Navigation between projects is difficult. If you want to work with the same keyword in multiple projects you can’t do it easily.

I do fear that I’ll be banned from Google. I wish they had used the Google APIs that allow automated inquiry of Google up to 1000 times a day. Please be aware that my fear isn’t that my sites would be banned [Google has no way to link my websites to my computer's IP address] just that my use of the tool would be banned. But I’ve been hammering on it for 3 or 4 hours a night for about a month now and no sign of trouble. The Keyword Elite developers did give the paranoid a work around and they allow you to use a proxy [which hides your IP address] so you are protected, but it does slow the program down when you use it in this mode. They also use a delaying tactic which more closely simulates human search behavior, which is probably the safest way to avoid being flagged by Google.


You can install it on two computers, which means you can share with a friend or do like I do and install it on two computers [with different IP addresses preferably] and run have it running twice as much research for you. Long lists of 1000 or more keywords can take 20 – 30 minutes or more to run project #1 and project #2 for.

Very responsive replies to bug reports and constant updates and improvements. Brad Callen seems sincere about taking care of his customers for the long term and not just going after the quick buck.

I really wanted to not like it, at one point I had it on my to-do list to return it for a refund [which I had no doubt that I would be given, without hassle] but I decided to give it one more try, and even more importantly I decided to [please macho brothers forgive me here] read the instruction guides! Lo and behold it the program started to make a lot more sense and I started to like it.

The bottom line is that Keyword Elite produces killer keyword lists. If you think you can make money from having 1000 or 5000 targeted keyword phrases that relate to your niche, then the $167 is easily worth it. I use it constantly and I doubt if I’ll go back to Wordtracker, Nichebot or Keyword Discovery in the near future. If you’re serious about making money online a tool like this is essential. Keyword Elite, keyword research tool.


20 thoughts on “Keyword Elite 2.0 – More Tools = More Results

  1. Hello…I was informed by my friend Lundy Wilder that you would send a Keyword Elite project to the first 5 emailers requesting such. If I am one of the first five…would you run project number 1 for the keyword “coffee”.

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  3. Keyword elite does not have any email or phone number attached to contact them directly. So what happens if I buy this software and then don’t want it. There is no way to contact the owner. 781-639-1738. I am a web designer

  4. What kind of competition analysis does Keyword Elite do? A screen shot would be great, if possible. Note that the pro version of WordTracker gives a very good competiting keywords report. WordTracker is generally expensive, but affordable on a per-day basis. The good thing about Keyword Elite is the one-off cost. (It is a one-off cost, right?)

  5. Jon says:


    I’ll see if I can get a screenshot up for you in the next couple days…I’ve been meaning to update this post for a while now.

    In the meantime, if you click on one of the links in my post, it takes you to the Keyword Elite homepage, if you scroll down there are five little sections that have a link to a video…the 5th one down is about project five and goes through all the competitive analysis related to AdWords campaigns that you can find out by using this feature.

    In the forth video, he covers the competitive analysis with regards to search results if that’s what you’re more interested in.

    I just watched the video and it’s pretty cool…I should be using it.


  6. Jon says:

    Yes, it’s a one off cost…there have been many free updates and quite a few new features added since I have owned it and it has been all free since the initial purchase.

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  8. Kevin Wirth says:

    Hi Jon,

    Just read your review of keyword elite – was good (I thought). But then you posted a followup note that is missing a link using the word “here”. Was wondering if you could include that so I could view your video. Many thanks.

    your text:

    “Update: I discovered a cool way to use keyword elite to generate lists of questions that can be used to create articles, blog posts or even products. Video is here.”

  9. I still enjoy the way you write Jon, thanks for the review, even though I read it after I bought thw program, tsk, tsk…

    I will be implementing the program furiously this week, I hope the learning curve is short, he he…must get the SEO done, it can be such tedious work.

    Great post, thanks!

  10. Jeff says:

    Does this discounted version of Keyword Elite include the bonus items(Bonus 1 and Bonus 2) listed on the Keyword Elite offer page?

    • @Jeff, yes it is exactly the same version. You are buying it from the original creator of the product, just as if you bought from the main Keyword Elite site, including bonuses. The link I provide is just a discount payment page. I assume he doesn’t want to reduce the price for everyone, and has given the discount offer to affiliates to promote.

      Hope this helps,


  11. Anderson says:

    Hi Jon, the discount of 50% offer for KeywordElite is still on? Sounds as if it it too good to be true? Please kindly confirm it. If it is true, I am very forunate to come across this website!

  12. Trent says:

    I just purchased keyword elite and I cant seem to make the dam thing log into google. I have entered my google account info (log in) correctly. But i always get a login fail message. can anyone help me?

  13. Benoit Gravel says:

    HI, i recently purchase Keyword elite 2.0. This software seems great. As you said, it’s simple to use and easy to anderstand. But right now, i have a big problem. I don’t know who to make profit with this software even if i have a supplier. I mabee need more explanation. I anderstand the fact that Keyword elite Gives you plenty of websites but what is the next step?? I’m already affiliate with a supplier (and unfortunatly he didn’t want me to tell his corporation name at all) So i can’t plug it directly but i can surely subscribe customers myself to this supplier website, then, those customers will next be able to purchase what they want on my suppliers website. Anyone have an idea for me what to do???

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