Jon Symons

Carnival of Entrepreneurs 20th Edition

I entered my domaining post into this week’s Carnival of Entrepreneurs which is being hosted at Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog.

Here’s a couple other highlights from this jumbo sized carnival…

From Bastiat Free University:

Rather than spending time and money immersed in analysis and projections, the entrepreneur starts selling.

Silicon Valley Girl:

There are many ways to fund your business and just as many ways to grow it. Each track has its own pros and cons and may be best suitable at different points in time in an entrepreneur’s work life. Sometimes, there’s really no choice but to go down one path because of monetary reasons.

From Personal Finance Advice:

The problem is that almost all new businesses fail within the first couple of years. While I don’t mind failing, I have issues with losing boat-loads of cash in the process. As a result, I decided to fund my little corner of the business market with my pocket change. Trust me, it’s not nearly as impossible as it sounds.

Enjoy the carnival and if you enter a carnival, do link back to it from your site!


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