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A Make Money Online Reality Check

I’m writing this primarily as a reminder to myself, but if you’re trying to make money with an online business, you may enjoy it as well. It was taken from Shoemoney’s latest Q & A session:

Marty asks:

When you first got started, how long did it take you to start earning significant money online? Significant meaning when you started earning let’s say at least $1,000 a month.
Thank you,

ShoeMoney: 7 years

7 YEARS!!!!!!!!! Not 7 days, or 7 months.

I guess the take away is that it takes time, there is a lot to learn an assimilate. The other thing is to favor the long term in all your techniques and methods, if you go short term, you’ll likely have to redo most of the work.


22 thoughts on “A Make Money Online Reality Check

  1. Hi Jon

    I’m sure that this is the reason why most fail. Not because they are doing things wrong but because they don’t stick long enough with their projects.

  2. It really depends what vehicle you choose to start building your business with. Select the wrong one and you could be 7 years down the road.

    Select the right one and you could be 7 weeks down the road making way more than $1000

    Find a good market, that needs something, go get it or build it for them

  3. I fully agree with you Jon.

    One of the most interesting things about online business is people would like to be rich overnight. They don’t treat online business as real business but they are looking for some kind of magic pill.

    Codrut Turcanu – “Succeeding Against All Odds!”

  4. This is quite helpful, I feel like I am on-line all the time!! Just trying to get a bite or two to my on-line business. I feel like I am getting no where. I feel as though I am in the wrong places at all the wrong times, do you have any suggestions for me as to where to go and maybe I should post my information differently? I am successful in person, just not so much on-line…

  5. I think sometimes people expect too much too fast from the net and if they don’t see results quickly, they move on to something else hoping it will be faster. They spend so much time jumping around that they can’t keep up and then eventually give up. I say find a business model proven to work, do it right, stick with it and don’t lose focus. Make it happen and you will get there :-)

  6. Hi Caleb,

    the most I’ve ever done is about $700 in a “normal” day (not counting if I sold a website or something like that).
    Be aware in the article Shoe is talking about taking 7 years to get to $1000 a MONTH.
    $1000 a day is getting close to about a $1,000,000 a year, which would put someone in pretty elite company. :-)

  7. Hi !!

    I Know why most fail…

    Because they are TRYING to make MONEY on the internet.. So why is that a bad thing ??

    Get this .. For a long time I have been trying to make money on the internet but instead just lost $000′s on ‘proven systems’.. I jumped from program to program despareratly TRYING to make money !!

    It never happened … So when did this change ??

    Well I met an online marketer at my first seminar a few months back and got chatting with him, we became friends. His name is Alex Jeffreys and he told me..

    “Stop trying to make money and start to build a business”

    I said to him what did he mean ?? What should I go away and do then ??

    He told me to get a blog started, tell people what I do on my blog and HELP people out. Do NOT try selling and chasing money just build a business and help people.

    At first I was like HUH !!??

    But now guess what … My blog is 10 weeks old, gets between 88 – 430 visits everyday and has made me over $3,000 profit :)

    Everything I have done so far is there on my blog for anyone to see and follow along and thats what I have done.

    So my advice to those not succeeding YET, stop trying to make money and build a business.. If you give, give, give you will reap massive rewards for a long time !!

    Best of luck


  8. I think 7 years is enough time to do the following (I’m upto 6 years full time):
    - Find a niche
    - Create site based on niche, research competition
    - Submit to same places as competition
    - Develop site, including relevant affiliate programmes (moving away from Adsense)
    - Promote site
    - Target keywords and continue to promote….

    Within his 7 years I bet he’s created many failed sites, started over and learnt lessons…until he made Nextpimp and Shoemoney and focused on them fulltime.

  9. I have been searching for an extra income online for the last 8 years.
    My problem is to much information and not understanding how stuff works, I call it newbie overload.I have now started a new project called my debt free journey, just trying to make it as newbie friendly as possible.

  10. It is not easy for sure. But 7 years? I find that amazing (slow). I do reckon that making money from online is not easy. But 7 years is really something to ponder.

  11. Any business that you set up will take time wheather on or off line. Anyone who expects instant success starting with nothing will be very dissapointed. You have to see your internet business as if it were an off line business, the only difference is the sheer number of customers you can sell to. Be realistic and set yourself goals that are achievable. The old addage “if it seems to good to be true, stay clear”, applies to a large number of programs on the internet, but not to all. Do your research and don’t jump in too quick.

  12. The ironic thing about this story is that it was Shoemoney’s check showing him holding a month’s payout from Google for $125k that created so many of people’s unrealistic expectations about making money online in the first place.

  13. You are right, it does take a long time to start making money online, but once you master the process the whole thing becomes easier. It’s worth looking at how other people make money online and trying to improve the way they do it.

  14. I’ve been working at making money online for nearly 4 years now. I only just recently begun to see a profit. I’ve made a grand total of $130 and you had better believe I am proud of it. Most people don’t realize the amount of dedication it takes to make it. ( I still have a long way to go)

  15. My problem has been making consistent money online. I’ve had periods where I did much better than $1000 a month that lasted about three months but that was huge money. I’ve had other times when it peaked over that then crashed. The last time, I was too dependent on others, they changed the rules and boom, it was all over. I was also taking to many short cuts. Too many get rich quick things, they’d work for a while. But never long enough to get rich.

    Its all about writing and proper content though people are still making cash with Amazon autoblogs….

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