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Thinking of Filing for Bankruptcy? This is How We Bring Value…

Finding yourself in a position where you have to consider bankruptcy is not a fun place to be in, nor is it stress-free. As bankruptcy lawyers, we do everything we can to make the process as painless as possible.

There are other options to filing for bankruptcy, and we hope that this process can be avoided. In many cases, however, filing for bankruptcy is unavoidable, and something that needs to be dealt with proactively to put you on the best possible path towards a healthy financial future.

Although we service a much larger area, Spaulding Law Group is based in Anaheim, CA. Our address is 155 N Riverview Dr STE 111, Anaheim, CA 92808 (714) 731-7595. Give us a call, or stop by if you are in need of advice. We offer free case evaluations from actual attorneys, and will give you the most candid advice as you begin the bankruptcy processes.

We have had clients from all backgrounds walk through our door. We have been able to help each one of them through listening, and treating each case with utmost diligence—the best way to show respect.

There are no paralegals, or assistants that will handle your case. The only people that will handle your case are licensed bankruptcy lawyers. That is our commitment.

There are no fun aspects to filing bankruptcy. Let us help you put it behind you.

Our expertise allows us to exchange the help we can provide you while going through bankruptcy for money. That where we bring value. This is the art of money.

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Ever Had to Clean Hair out of Your Drain? This is How We Bring Value…

If you have ever had the misfortune of smelling a clogged drain, I imagine you understand why the process of cleaning out the drain is not the most enjoyable. That is where we come in handy. At Done Plumbing, we handle all plumbing emergencies. Whether it be as benign as a terrible smell, or as potentially devastating as a broken water pipe, we have been making sure that your issue is taken care of promptly, and completed properly.

We do what most people are unwilling to undertake, and that is how we bring value. You don’t want to do it, we know. That’s why we have a business. It’s the beautiful characteristic of money. When you do not want to do something yourself, pay someone else to do it. We’re the guys you call, and when we are Done, you know that you got your money’s worth out of our superior service.

We have been serving as Denver Plumbers for over 25 years, and our experience continues to help solve plumbing problems more efficiently. We are Done Plumbing & Heating, 541 Norfolk St, Aurora, CO 80011, 303-487-3663. Give us a call, and it is as good as Done! :-)

The next time you find yourself in Denver, and your plumbing takes a figurative dump, you will know who to contact to get your problem solved. Being a plumber is a dirty job, and we have made it our profession to take care of those issues in a clean, efficient, respectful manner. Why waste your time doing something that you do not want to do, and are not an expert in handling when you have an organization full of people like us who are ready and willing to tackle those problems straight away? When it is stated that way, it is a no brainer.

Don’t get up to your elbows in grease, decomposing hair, and soap scum only to fail at fixing the actual problem. Call us.

Once your plumbing problems are solved you can relax with a nice massage from Balanced Professional Massage Therapy!

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Nobody Plans to be Bankrupt

For most of my clients, if you told them just a few years prior that they would be in a bankruptcy attorney’s office, they would have said you were crazy.

Nobody plans to be bankrupt. Life, though, has a tendency to take us places we never though possible. Sometimes it’s a major event like a devastating illness that makes it impossible to work, sometimes it’s a change in landscape that makes a business shift from profitable to worthless overnight. Other times it’s nothing so specific, just a layoff that takes longer than expected to recover from, or the culmination of increased debt (often from trying to deal with previous debts) that finally hits a tipping point.

Whatever it is, the world will push nearly 1.5 million people in the US into bankruptcy each year (that can vary depending on the overall state of the economy). Without bankruptcy, those people would have nowhere to turn. Inescapable debt helps no one. Bankruptcy attorneys know that people who abuse the system (or at least try to) are exceptionally rare. Going into default on debts is not fun. Debt collectors call incessantly, credit scores go so low people can’t even obtain basic utilities without cosigners, and defaulted debtors live in fear of being garnished or levied.

More importantly, they can’t contribute to the economy. Modern America runs on the buying power of the consumer. Over-indebted people don’t contribute and that hurts the system as a whole. Without bankruptcy, defaulted debtors still wouldn’t be able to pay their debts. The only difference would be they could never return to contributing to the overall economy.

It’s not just the bankrupt that benefit from bankruptcy. If there was no bankruptcy, then borrowers would never have any leverage to negotiate with creditors. Bankruptcy is the “big stick” that borrowers have. It’s consequences are negative enough that people don’t consider it lightly (nor should they), but simply because it’s there as a possibility it stops lenders from pushing borrowers into intractable situations. Lenders know that there’s a breaking point and because of that they’re willing to work with borrowers to avoid bankruptcy when there’s a problem.

The private student loan market is notorious for leaving borrowers in impossible situations where they have no way to address even temporary inabilities to pay. That market is unique it its difficulty and unfairness to borrowers because student loans don’t have the protections of bankruptcy.

Thankfully, for most debts, lenders know that borrowers can eventually get out from under them if they become impossible to keep up with. That scenario helps everyone. That’s the value bankruptcy brings.

If you’re facing debts that seem insurmountable contact the attorneys at the Bodie Law Firm today to discuss your options. The Bodie Law Firm is located at 16133 Ventura Blvd Ste 700 in Encino, Ca 91436. You can reach them at 818-377-7413.

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Are You a Lawyer Wishing You Had More Business?

If you are a law firm looking to increase the amount of business walking through your doors, there is a large chance that you have heard a few things about SEO. I am betting that you have heard a range of comments, and not all of them are good. At Lawyer SEO Marketing, we are changing the way that people look at SEO.

We specialize in the tactics that lead to a long term successful online marketing strategy. The black-eye of SEO comes from neglecting this priority, and we do not cut the corners that lead to search engine penalties, and, in turn, the negative affects to your bottom line. By building on a strong strategy, we have been able to show consistent results for our clients. We are a results driven Lawyer SEO Marketing Firm with a nose for finding the right metrics to steer your firm towards higher revenue.

By sticking to what we know works, and never taking shortcuts, we set your firm on track for long-term success. That is the commitment we bring to the table. That is our Art.

No matter what area of law that you specialize in, our services help to put them on the map (Google maps that is). Our company not only specializes in organic search results, but is also an expert in Local SEO. What does that mean? When you search for a service in a specific location (or you search from a smartphone) a group of local service providers matching your keywords appears on the first page of Google’s SERPs with a marker on the map showing the location of that business. That means there is an importance to ranking higher in that local pack in order to secure more business. We are great at doing exactly that, and we have our current client’s successes to attest for that fact. Visit our website to explore more of what our clients say about us, examples of the research we perform, and the numbers that prove investing in our services has a great ROI.

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Injured in an Auto Accident? This is How We Bring Value

Being hurt in an auto accident is not enjoyable. There is no way around that fact. As a Personal Injury Law firm, however, it is our job is to soothe that situation as much as possible. If you do not have the correct representation, it makes it extremely likely that not only are you going to remain injured, but you will see an incredible financial burden from the missed work and medical bills, not to mention the times that you missed out on in your personal life (arguably more important than anything else :-) .

Our goal is to help the victims of accidents recoup the damages from their unfortunate event. We help people who have been hurt and are in need, and that is the value we bring to the table. If you want to learn more about our firm, visit our personal injury website to see statistics about our past success (a 98.7% success rate on all personal injury cases), the history of our firm, and our payment policies. We take personal injury cases on a contingency basis. That means we advance litigation costs and expenses, and our clients do not pay attorney’s fees unless we recover monetary compensation on their behalf. In light of our success, our accident lawyers have the economic ability required to prepare our cases fully and effectively. Firms that do not have this financial backing may be obligated to settle cases prematurely, for less than they are worth.

For over 25 years, we have been bringing value to an increasing number of people. We first opened our doors in Los Angeles in 1984, and since then, we have expanded to be able to help people in Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Bakersfield, Torrance, Long Beach, Oakland, and many other locations in California. Every day, we continue our representation of injured victims. That is the value we add, and that is our art.

We are The Reeves Law Group, 21250 Hawthorne Boulevard, # 700, Torrance CA 90503, (310) 893-1742. Visit us online for a more complete overview of our personal injury law firm.

Jon Symons

Ask Peter Schiff – Reality Can be a Tough Sell

This guy who I haven’t heard of before today, was on all the top economic TV shows, stating EXACTLY what was wrong with the economy and what the results would be.

The experts mocked him and laughed at him.

YouTube Preview Image

And if you’re like me, after you watch that, you’ll be thinking, “so what’s he saying now?”

Politicians and people in general all go for solutions that try and minimize pain, but feeling pain is an inevitable part of the healing process, and without feeling it, you don’t see the critical mistakes, and you don’t learn.

As an investor, I am thinking that a way of shorting the US dollar long term could make someone very rich in the next few years. Gold is one way to play that angle, but a form of leverage would really accelerate the potential gains.

Jon Symons

A Make Money Online Reality Check

I’m writing this primarily as a reminder to myself, but if you’re trying to make money with an online business, you may enjoy it as well. It was taken from Shoemoney’s latest Q & A session:

Marty asks:

When you first got started, how long did it take you to start earning significant money online? Significant meaning when you started earning let’s say at least $1,000 a month.
Thank you,

ShoeMoney: 7 years

7 YEARS!!!!!!!!! Not 7 days, or 7 months.

I guess the take away is that it takes time, there is a lot to learn an assimilate. The other thing is to favor the long term in all your techniques and methods, if you go short term, you’ll likely have to redo most of the work.

Jon Symons

Ultimate Blogger’s Survival Guide

WordPress Blogger’s (and My Sanity) Survival Guide

As someone who sold videos that taught people how to install their own blogs, and now operating my blog installation service, I get A LOT of questions about WordPress and blogging in general.

Quite frankly being a typical computer geek, these questions mostly drive me nuts, but I know that they are a part of learning a new and complex skill/art like blogging. So rather than resent everyone who asks me a question, I decided to compile them and the best answers I can come up with into a guide and give it away as a promotional tool for my service.

Very experienced bloggers will probably know most of this stuff, but newer and non-technically inclined folks will likely find some useful reference material in The Ultimate WordPress Blogger’s Survival Guide.

It has 2 main sections. Part 1 is errors and problems and what to do about them and part 2 is “how to” for almost all common problems or situations that a blogger may encounter.

Yaro’s Blog Mastermind Course is Closing it’s Doors

My friend Yaro’s very successful Blog Mastermind Course is closing it’s doors on December 10th and Yaro is doing a last push to bring in new members.

As an enticement he has released a free lesson called Blog Marketing Through Conversations, which I understand is one of the most popular lessons. Even though I’m a member of the course, I haven’t made it that far :)

I especially like the section on building traffic that applies to blogs or any other sites:

I’m going to cut to the chase, there are only four ways you can get traffic to your blog -

  1. You can buy it
  2. You can get it from search engines
  3. You can take other people’s traffic
  4. You can do or create something that generates attention and word of mouth

We will cover all four methods through the upcoming lessons. Note that you don’t have to use every single method, in fact many people focus on becoming proficient at one method only. Obviously the more you diversify, the less dependence you have on any one source, which is important because no technique remains effective forever and the environment constantly changes…

As with all the lessons it ends with a set of clear action steps that you can take to immediately improve your marketing efforts. Check out this valuable free blog marketing resource and if you haven’t already, download Yaro’s extensive Blog Profit Blueprint (also free).